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Twice | Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers making positive dents on society. Tightly edited conversational stories, learns and journeys to now from people striving to meaningfully make society a better place for everyone. Published fortnightly (or more often) from New Zealand since 2015.

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Apr 26, 2016

Janne Willems and Paul Richardson share adventures in artistic facilitation and direction with Jaya and David, in between talking muggings by transvestites in Wellington, Scottish ailments and being banned on Instagram. All when not quaffing and rating fine brews and making the air thick with naughty laughter.


Apr 11, 2016

Ciaran Fox and Matt Walters talk independent publishing with Catarina and David, when not fielding recruitment karaoke questions, quaffing fine ales and taking conversation interesting places that we didn't intend.

Ciaran Fox: Oma Rapeti Press/ Catalyst Literary Journal/ Allright mental health campaign for Christchurch/...