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Aug 14, 2016



We're really pleased to have Press newspaper Senior reporters Georgina Stylianou and Charlie Gates join us on episode 25. [Disclaimer: Guests' views their own). 

In disruptive times we want to find out what the craft of journalism really looks like at the sharp end of rebuild, arts and theatre reporting beats. Episode runs 1:22 +0:24 bonus material at the end - if you fancy.

When not talking about secret weapons, conversation (like usual) diverges to include; salad fingers, moistness, all things John Oliver, and rounds out with re-imagining journalism, along with two new brews blind-tasted as perhaps true from our long-standing supporter The Beer Library @BeerLibraryCHCH . 

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twice podcast #25 is a 43words production. ©43words/David Binstead 2016

Episode #26 (our 1st Anniversary) records end-August with a selection of the guests we've had join us in the last year, and some of the highest rated brews. Publishes on/around 29th August. Cheers!