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Oct 24, 2016

Morgan Wilson; a woman who gets sh*t done (#WWGSD) in coding and automation roles for major international clients; and Ben Reid, Angel investor and technophile dedicated to helping mentor and grow New Zealand tech firms of the future, are our guests for episode #30. Regular Christchurch co-host Jaya Gibson with soon to be roving David Binstead.

We're on the hunt for Wellington guests, guest co-hosts, and sponsors (gonna be knocking on your door Garage Project) to gather in the Windy City to talk innovation, creativity and social enterprise over a brew or two.

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Show notes and links:

Magic Leap - Virtual Retinal Display

Macromedia Director

Pomplamoose Band


TechHappy | Supporting your digital life

Tech Summit - Canterbury Tech Cluster

Future of Humanity Institute | University of Oxford

Hypernormalisation - Adam Curtis Documentary

Canterbury Angels

Code Club Aotearoa

SingularityU New Zealand Summit

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twice: Bribing innovators, creatives +social enterprisers with (usually) beer from Aotearoa/New Zealand since August 2015. Produced, edited and co-hosted by David Binstead, with regular co-host Jaya Gibson and occasional guest co-hosts.

#PWGSD is a shorter show format we've trialled for #29 and #29.5. We're grateful for any feedback on how the shorter format fits with your listening habits and preferences.

twice podcast #30 'Tech Pays Better Than Music' is a 43words production. ©43words/David Binstead 2016

#31 with smart, generous and thoughtful Women in Tech Shelley Sutcliffe and Sheralee MacDonald publishes 7th November.

#32 (the original four peeps!) with Catarina Gutierrez/Ministry of Awesome and Rob Henderson/Chch Bike Share Pilot publishes 21st November - when we've recorded it...