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Mar 20, 2017

#40: Met On Tinder Marketing

Refugee cooks run a commercial catering company; and bean to bar ethical chocolate made right here in New Zealand by magicians. Ok the last bit might not be true, but wait 'til you taste it...

Guests Rebecca Stewart - GM of Pomegranate Kitchen, a social enterprise catering company dedicated supporting refugee cooks into meaningful employment; Gabe Davidson, chief bean wrangler at bean to bar social enterprise Wellington Chocolate Factory. 

Returning guest co-host Jack Chapman and your host David Binstead steer the good ship 'twice': two weeks in creative endeavour across the tempestuous seas of top tucker for good, aka Bec's and Gabe's amazing work building a better kind of workplace with real impact for local and overseas communities.

Hot in the kitchen with Rebecca, wet in the kitchen for Gabe, Marmite in the kitchen for Jack, and a bit too much cleaning up for David writing the shownotes…

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