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Sep 11, 2017

There’s a general election in NZ on 23 September, and we've invited each of the four major political parties to chat social enterprise, community and engagement. This first episode with Poto Williams, NZ Labour spokesperson for Community and Voluntary Sector was recorded in her Parliamentary office last month/Thursday 10th August 2017.

The four shorter-form episodes publish daily 11th-14th September 2017.  Our long-form '2 guests, brews and weeks' returns next week to the 'normal' fortnightly schedule. Our purpose in producing this series is to 'be useful to building the social enterprise sector in New Zealand through meaningful dialogue with politicians'. We're under no illusions that what they say will bias your primary voting decisions, but we do hope this series is useful in learning more about where each party sees #SocEnt currently, and what intent and plans (if any) they have for the future. 

two weeks in creative endeavour is an independent show (in all senses of the word). We have no affiliation with any of the politicians featured. Grateful thanks to them for giving valuable time to share their views in the digital.

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Show Notes and Links:

Social enterprise - Wikipedia

Ākina Foundation • Growing Social Enterprise

SEWF 2017 Christchurch | The Social Enterprise World Forum - Social Enterprise World Forum 2017


Poto Williams: Twitter @PotoChchEast | NZ Labour website | 

David Binstead | Twitter @david_binstead


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