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Sep 26, 2017

Episode 54 [Day 0]: Its The People Its The People Its The People SEWF2017

We're at the Social Enterprise World Forum recording daily short-form shows with the great and good, fittest and foodest of the global social enterprise movement - listen to work that one out.

Today's 'Day 0' is a three-parter with MJ Kaplan and Joanne Seagrave, and a late appearance by Anake Goodall. It's the uncut version of the 10min edit heading onto the terrestrial airwaves tomorrow Wednesday 26th September on PlainsFM 96.9FM at 07:45am.

At about 9mins there's a first bonus section with Anake, then a 2nd bonus section from 12mins with the youth cohort via Inspiring Stories.

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Due to the super-quick turnaround there may be some errors that you won't find on more resolved fortnightly edits. Thanks for bearing with me while I get these out fast...

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MJ Kaplan: Twitter @MJKaplan

Joanne Seagrave: Community Enterprise in Scotland

Anake Goodall: Twitter @AnakeGoodall

David Binstead | Twitter @david_binstead


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#54: Its The People Its The People Its The People | Hosted and produced by 43words/David Binstead

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