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Tightly edited stories, learns and journeys to now of entrepreneurially-minded people making positive impact. 2015-2018

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Sep 27, 2017

Episode 55: Its Our Time SEWF2017 Day 1

We're at the Social Enterprise World Forum recording daily short-form shows with the great and good, fittest and foodest of the global social enterprise movement - listen to work that one out.

Today's 'Day 1' is with MJ Kaplan, Anake Goodall and Bec Stewart. It's the uncut version of the 10min edit heading onto the terrestrial airwaves tomorrow Wednesday 26th September on PlainsFM 96.9FM at 07:45am.

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Due to the super-quick turnaround there may be some errors that you won't find on more resolved fortnightly edits, and the show notes are pretty light. Thanks for bearing with me while I get these out fast...

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MJ Kaplan: Twitter @MJKaplan

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David Binstead | Twitter @david_binstead


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