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Oct 23, 2017

Lindsay brought Canada, Michelle encouraged student mental health, Kate was a friendly corporate and Rob brought his own beer.

SEWF 2017 voices 2/3 - conversations revealing the what and why of some of the 1600 attendees at the Social Enterprise World Forum.

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First up, Lindsay Tallett/ Kathmandu community manager supported a nationwide tertiary student social enterprise challenge hosted by Michelle Panzer at University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship. One of the many Transitional City events surrounding SEWF2017, they give a summary view of the what and why of that event.

Caught for a brief conversation, Kate Porter is National Comms Manager for Countdown Supermarkets in New Zealand. She attended SEWF2017 to learn more about how their efforts can support the growing social enterprise sector, with expertise and considered support.

Rounding out this 30min show, Rob Wilson is Chief Taster at Toastale, a social enterprise using waste bread in the craft beer brewing process to make delicious beverages. (We may have tasted some).  He’s spreading the bread into beer message globally and shared some of his story and learns from SEWF.

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The final ‘World Forum voices’ episode publishes next week/1st November, featuring Tim Jones from TheGrowGoodCo., and Andrea Brewster from Girl Guiding NZ talking purpose and people development.

Upcoming episodes/guests scheduled:

  • The six teams selected for Wellington’s Low Carbon Challenge.
  • Louise Aitken and Chris Blues, GM and International Director respectively at Akina Foundation.
  • Miriam from Papa Taiao Earthcare, a project learning enterprise working towards a more sustainable future.


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