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Tightly edited stories, learns and journeys to now of entrepreneurially-minded people making positive impact. 2015-2018

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Nov 28, 2017

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#63B: Empathy Is The Key To Social Sustainability (part 2 of 2) covers sustainability education with Miriam and Marty from Papa Taiao Earthcare, and mental health and wellness with Sarah from CoLiberate. Discussing realising human potential, and some of how they got to now, through work, inspirational people in their lives, and younger selves’ hopes and dreams. Listen to #63, part 1 here.

Some of the areas our half hour chat covered:

  • Realising human potential, and giving people a sense of achievement
  • NCEA pros and cons
  • Forces around NZ curriculum removing creativity from teaching
  • On not glorifying stress
  • Culture shift and mind shift
  • PE but no MHE at schools. Why not?
  • Staying hopeful in a ‘hopeless news cycle’
  • Role models
  • Aro Valley Champagne tales
  • Can’t live without?
  • Younger selves

35mins +3mins post-show.

Episode support from: BizDojo Wellington, Collider Wgtn

Show notes and links:

Home - Papa Taiao Earthcare

HOME - CoLiberate


Beer #2: BrightSide Belgian Blonde - 'Aro Valley Champagne'

Brightside - Garage Project website | Untappd 

Kaitoke Regional Park | Greater Wellington Regional Council

Te Araroa - New Zealand's Trail - Canterbury

niwashi - the first tool

Teddy bear - Wikipedia

Mental Health First Aid - CoLiberate

Jody from Coliberate on episode #43: Far Higher Utility


  • Climate change deniers
  • Soaring/paragliding
  • Tramping in New Zealand


Miriam Sherratt & Marty Taylor at Papa Taiao Earthcare

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twice | Two weeks in creative endeavour shares stories and journeys to now of people making positive dents on society. We poke, prod and tease good-naturedly to reveal some of how they got there, usually interspersed with tasting and rating craft beer. From Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand, since August 2015. 

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