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Dec 5, 2017

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Ruth/CEO of Summer Of Tech is a matcher of talent with opportunity and Finn/Co-founder of Mevo is building mobility as a service. Chatting people, product and market failures and opportunities in this two-part episode. Part 2 publishes in a week and delves into journeys to now, alongside craft beer tasted and rated (at the end).

Some of the many topics covered:

  • Startups/Market failure and opportunity
  • The broken model of recruitment and being a connector
  • Creating an environment for good connections
  • Social Impact - Where can I be that has the most impact
  • Scaleable nature of problem-solving
  • The top three things that are becoming technology
  • Wanting to solve one of the big problems
  • Subscription models
  • 'When going OK is kind of like success!'

Episode support from: BizDojo Wellington, Collider Wgtn

Show notes and links:

Flux Federation

Koha (custom) - Wikipedia

Summer of Tech is the premier IT internship programme for New Zealand

Go with Mevo

Brenda Wallace - 'startup is easy, stayup is hard' | margaritas as a service (@BR3NDA) | Twitter

Jenny/Misprint Co. using Mevo as company car: 50: Chinook Social Events Coordinator

Beer #1: Cereal Milk Stout via Garage Project | Untappd


  • Erlich Bachmann
  • Gelato
  • Peak craft beer

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