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May 22, 2018

78: Helping People Get Started with Jennifer Young and Tony Henderson-Newport at Pop Up Business School Aotearoa

All about a man who makes impossible things happen! Tony HN delivers free to attend ten day Pop Up Business Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand, helping people get started with their own small business ideas. How does he do it fee-free, how did he get here, what are some of his feels, and how can you get on a future course. 

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'For anyone who wants to learn the key skills for getting an idea off the ground, and all for no course costs.' This episode delves into the positive difference this condensed business masterclass is making on people’s lives. Diving into some of his and course facilitator Jen’s journeys to now, and wrapping up with in the moment feedback direct from the Kapiti course cohort. Episode runs approximately 30mins, with chapter markers in all good podcast apps (meaning you could jump to the bits that particularly interest you - but why would you!). 

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Show notes and links:

Jennifer Young: Jen Y Insights

Tony Henderson-Newport: Kea Inspire

Pop Up Business School Aotearoa

Emerging talent: Kendall Flutey, Banqer | Idealog

About Us | Banqer

Pop Up Business School Think Tank:


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Tony Henderson-Newport: Semaine (@Semaine) | Twitter

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PopUp Business School | Welcome

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PopUpBusinessSchool (@PopUpAotearoa) | Twitter

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