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Tightly edited stories, learns and journeys to now of entrepreneurially-minded people striving to make society a better place for everyone. Fortnightly from New Zealand since 2015.

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Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers | twice

People making positive dents on society

Founder stories, learns, and journeys to now, wrapped up in 30 minutes of impact-focused goodness. Our goal is to reveal how people are challenging the status quo to solve some of society's biggest problems through their entrepreneurial endeavours. Buckle up to hear how impact-minded entrepreneurs are creating and evolving new purpose-driven businesses, and driving new sectors and movements. 

Hosted by David Binstead, with regular and guest co-hosts chatting with social innovators, creatives and entrepreneurially-minded enterprising sorts striving to build a better society for all.

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30min episodes put good people making #positivedents conveniently into your day every fortnight. Conversational highlights with change-makers covering stories, learns and journeys to now, in high quality audio.

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Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers making positive dents on society. Independent ‘love not money’ founder stories, learns and journeys to now. Since 2015.

[twice; it's an acronym of talks with innovators, creatives & enterprisers... you got that, right?]