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‘twice’: two weeks in creative endeavour

People Making Positive Dents On Society

With thousands of unique, regular listeners spread across New Zealand and the world, we showcase guests making positive dents on society, through social impact and enterprise. Our focus is authentically capturing, revealing and sharing founder stories and journeys to now of social enterprisers, creatives and innovators building better outcomes for all. Conversation not interview.

We are a two year young ‘love not money’ digital radio show led by David Binstead, having grown far beyond a six episode pilot founded in August 2015. Support from BizDojo, Collider Wellington and Wellington City Council.

Showcasing the people and organisations confronting big problems with sustainable, people-centred solutions.


David independently produces each tightly edited episode. These are crafted from longer, informal conversational style interviews as he reckons this reveals the most compelling and interesting content, although it’s the hardest and most time-consuming to edit. We publish four show formats:

The third and fourth formats 



Founder stories/journeys to now of people making positive dents on society

twice’ (Two weeks in creative endeavour). Social impact founder stories and journeys to now of people making positive dents on society, with a strong focus on social enterprisers, and also creatives and innovators. 2x guests (usually), topics, co-hosts, refreshments and weeks. Broadcasting to the world from Wellington New Zealand.

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