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twice | Two Weeks In Creative Endeavour

People making positive dents on society

Be entertained, informed and inspired by founders sharing behind the scenes stories, and the squiggly journeys to their now. Hosted by David Binstead, with regular and guest co-hosts, chatting with social innovators, creatives and entrepreneurially-minded people striving to build a better society for all.

David's goal is to reveal how people are challenging accepted norms, and are striving to solve some of society's biggest problems through their creative endeavours. He's fascinated by how original thinkers and impact-minded entrepreneurs are creating and evolving new opportunities that are contributory, not extractive. Each episode is tightly edited from longer conversation, usually accompanied by tasting small quantities of #craftbeer.

Support from BizDojo, Collider Wellington, and from Wellington City Council. Audio hosting help from our Patreon crowd.


  1. 'Signature' 60mins long-form - (sometimes split into 2 parts) featuring 2 guests, topics, refreshments and co-hosts.
  2. PointFives’: 30mins mid-form - getting behind the facade with people delivering incredible social and cultural happenings.
  3. Sub-series on a theme - #Election17 #SocEnt perspectives/policy from Labour, The Greens, National, and NZ-First. 
  4. Event specials - SEWF2017 Social Enterprise World Forum daily expert panels. 


twice | Two Weeks In Creative Endeavour - Independent ‘love not money’ founder stories and journeys to now of people making positive dents on society. Since August 2015. 

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