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Mar 31, 2016

Design is ubiquitous in contemporary life. twiCE episode #15 dives a little deeper with those at the cutting edge of the design process with guests Tom Norman, interior designer at Jasmax, and Chris Flack, design director at Strategy Design. They outline some of the challenges, joys and diversions of a profession as designers; in between giving their perspective on the [flawed? design process of the] NZ-Flag debate, tasting and rating a couple of brews, and less seriously fending off Apple fanboy status. [Guests' opinions strictly their own and not endorsed by employers/ professional bodies].

Tom Norman @tomnorman/ Jasmax, Chris Flack @chris_flackNZ/ Strategy Design and Advertising

Notes and links:

Beer #1: Liberty Brewing Co. Elixir

Untappd beer app

Beer #2: Emersons June 2 Belgian Style Beer

Book: A Smile in the Mind 2nd Ed.

@mecatarina @mnstryofawsm

2 April Canterbury Shorts Film Festival at The Commons 7pm

14 April Ministry of Awesome Launch Club

29 April/ 1 May Startup Weekend at Epic

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twiCE: two weeks in creative endeavour. Lively conversation with innovators, creatives, and social enterprisers from Christchurch New Zealand. Current and upcoming projects, events and cool stuff, with two topics accompanied by liquid refreshments. Produced and edited by David Binstead, with regular co-host Jaya Gibson and occasional guest co-hosts.

Episode #16: Early April. [Publishing] with guests Matt Walters/ The Fuller Issue and Ciaran Fox/ Catalyst Press