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Tightly edited stories, learns and journeys to now of entrepreneurially-minded people making positive impact. 2015-2018

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Apr 11, 2016

Ciaran Fox and Matt Walters talk independent publishing with Catarina and David, when not fielding recruitment karaoke questions, quaffing fine ales and taking conversation interesting places that we didn't intend.

Ciaran Fox: Oma Rapeti Press/ Catalyst Literary Journal/ Allright mental health campaign for Christchurch/ GapFiller. Matt Walters: Delta Community Services Trust/ The Fuller Issue.

Show notes and links:

Independent publishing in New Zealand, and surviving on passion, not income.

Ministry of Awesome 4th Birthday Party at Epic

Beer #1: GarageProject Dirty Boots

Boneshaker Magazine

Beer #2: Tiamana Berlin style Kreuzberg Schwarzbier (website link not working)

Publishing and diversity

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Catarina Gutierrez @mecatarina

David Binstead @david_binstead

twiCE: two weeks in creative endeavour. Lively conversation with innovators, creatives, and social enterprisers from Christchurch New Zealand. Current and upcoming projects, events and cool stuff, with two topics accompanied by liquid refreshments. Produced and edited by David Binstead, with regular and guest co-hosts.

Episode #17 late April: [Architecture] w. Jessica Halliday and Anne Cunningham: Te Pūtahi Christchurch centre for architecture and City-making.