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Tightly edited stories, learns and journeys to now of entrepreneurially-minded people making positive impact. 2015-2018

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Aug 29, 2016

Catarina Gutierrez/Ministry of Awesome, Molly Van Hart/Life in Vacant Spaces, Antz Rohan/Enspiral Accounting, Hazel Bradshaw/DriedFrog and other podcast friends join Jaya and David for a podcast 1st anniversary celebration episode. 

Jaya and David begin with a 15min review of 26 episodes in podcasting: learns and thoughts related to the reinvention of 'the creative city'.

From there it's meeting and greeting with Molly chatting yoga and sex education; and catching up with Catarina, Antz and Hazel, when not tasting 2 beers (+2 bonus brews).

Show notes and links:

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twice: two weeks in creative endeavour. Conversation with innovators, creatives, and social enterprisers boldly changing the world from Christchurch New Zealand. Current and upcoming projects, events and cool stuff, with two topics accompanied by liquid refreshments. Produced and edited by David Binstead, with regular co-host Jaya Gibson and occasional guest co-hosts.

twice podcast #26 is a 43words production. ©43words/David Binstead 2016

Episode #27 records mid-September with guests from Akina Foundation: growing social enterprises in New Zealand. Sam Elder - Regional Director - Southern, will be joined by one of her team.  Publishes on/around Monday 12th September.