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Sep 26, 2016

Throw (most) of what you think you know about technology straight out the nearest window. Dave Lane, President of the Open Source Society NZ joins Jaya and David to talk high-level life changing tech, when he’s not tasting and rating two brews. They prod and poke (politely), asking about #OERu ( open education resource Universitas initiative), the Singularity and exponential change, and steer around an hour of fascinating conversation with an erudite and learned man on a mission who’s known as @Lightweight on Twitter.

Episode runs 59 minutes, with an additional 6 minutes of riffing/warmup stuff at the end.

Show notes and links:

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twice: Conversation with innovators, creatives, and social enterprisers boldly changing the world from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Current and upcoming projects, events and cool stuff, with two topics accompanied by liquid refreshments. Produced and edited by David Binstead, with regular co-host Jaya Gibson and occasional guest co-hosts.

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Episode #29 records and publishes mid October.