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Podcast Promotion Services.

Are you looking to promote your podcast and grow your listenership? If so, you’re certainly in the right place.

Most people and businesses get into podcasting to bring a community of listeners together, from around the world, who share the same interest.

Producing a quality podcast that sparks conversation and grabs your listeners attention, each and every episode, is time consuming (and no mean feat).

Most podcasters have one main issue; having people know about your podcast and boosting their listener / download numbers.

Consistently getting hundreds or even thousands of listeners per episode takes expertise, experience and a consistent promotion system. That’s where TwicePodcast.com can help. 

Over years of experience we have a multitude of tactics to promote podcasts that have been proven to work time and time again.

podcast promotion services
Laying the foundations

Build For Success.

Before considering our proven promotional strategies it is important to analyse your existing set up. Unfortunately, no amount of money can make a success out of a bad product. You need to be sure that your content is of high quality.
Your content should offer value, be unique and have longevity. It needs to be able to capture your audience’s attention.

Asking our clients a set of questions about their podcasts (and their listeners where possible) gives us a great understanding of if your podcast has what it takes to succeed. If the answers aren’t what you would want to hear, we set about fixing these before we start promotion. This makes us stand out from our competitors. 

Are your listeners learning new information or being entertained?
Are the majority of listeners listening to the entire length of your podcasts?
Does your podcast add a different point of view (even if slight) from the other voices within your subject?

We will go away and listen to other successful podcasts that are similar to your niche. We will study their structure, format & content and see what works, providing suggestions on how you can implement these features as well as improve upon your current structure. 

Be Ahead of The Curve

The Time Is Now.

Along with our podcast promotion services, we offer production & editing services too. Please talk to one of our team if you would like to discuss these services in greater detail.

Ultimately, the best long term strategy to promote your podcast is by providing high quality content that is valuable to your listeners.

It’s also vital to remember that building up a podcast audience is much like growing a business. It doesn’t simply happen overnight. It can take time to build a loyal audience. Even the most successful of podcasts take months to see a decent return on their efforts in terms of listeners. You need to be prepared to create and promote high quality content for little engagement when you first start off. Although this can be discouraging, this isn’t a reason to quit. Consider this as part of your successful journey.

Podcasts are growing fast. The opportunity in podcasts is what the opportunity was in video years ago. Your time is now, and we’re here to make you succeed.

Podcast Promotion Services

Podcast Promotion Agency

Our podcast promotion service is designed to launch your podcast to that next level. With more options than before, it’s our job to make your audience pick your podcast.

We use proven methods alongside our expert team of marketers, content writers, designers and editors to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Our strategic process gets your podcast into the ears of your target audience.

We understand that our clients have all been on a different path and are at different stages in their podcast success story, so each campaign will be tailored to you, however here is an overview of the podcast promotion services we offer.

Cross Podcast Promotion

Where best to reach people who like listening to podcasts? That’s right! On another podcast.

As a top podcast marketing agency, we have an extensive network of podcasts which all heavily benefit from cross podcast promotion.

With your approval, we will place adverts, receive shout outs and mentions, on podcasts that are already attracting your target audience. Not only this, we will get adverts on their websites, as well as resource links in their episodes show notes.

Booking Guests

Guests are a fantastic way to attract listeners to your podcast, however, this can be a difficult feat to achieve when you’re just starting out, especially if you don’t already have an audience.

We can help overcome this hurdle by booking guests who are looking to promote an upcoming product, book or service and giving them a platform to promote it.

It only takes a few high profile guests to take your podcast to the levels you dream of.

Website & SEO

Every serious podcast should have a website. Your own website outside of hosting / syndication platforms where you can personally engage with and grow your audience.

Not only can we create your podcast website, we can rank it on Google (and other major search engines) for search terms your potential audience are using when trying to find podcasts like yours.

Writing SEO optimised show notes is a great way to create fresh new content for your website.

Google have now started crawling audio material and including podcasts in search results. As we will upload your podcast to your website (as well as all available apps), we will be in full control and be able to not only rank your website, but your podcast for targeted keywords.

Influencer Outreach

Using influential people to promote your podcast can reach a whole new audience. We will help find people who have a following that closely matches your target audience and reach a partnership with them to promote your podcast.

As we only target influencers who are tightly related to your subject matter, we tend to agree cross promotion which is of mutual benefit, however each influencer has their own criteria so this will be discussed on a per project, per influencer basis.


Clear & precise branding can have a huge impact on the success of your podcast and any promotional campaigns.

Can your audience easily tell what your podcast is about by looking at your name and cover art? If not, this needs a serious re-look.

The key is to stand-out as well as let people know exactly what you’re offering within seconds.

Podcast to Video

Apart from striking cover art, videos are another way to make your podcast episodes stand out on social media.

We can convert your podcasts into stunning videos.

Social Media

Podcast to video nicely leads on to social media marketing. By converting your podcast into an eye-catching video, we can upload it to YouTube, and in turn reach a whole new audience.

Promoting your podcast and video on Twitter and Facebook will also greatly help increase listeners, engagement, feedback, as well as drive traffic to your other channels such as your website.

Social media is a great way to promote your podcast, however, you should really try to utilise your following on these platforms to build a community.

Just like you don’t promote product after product and ad after ad on your podcast, you should do the same on your social media accounts. By offering value and opening up a discussion, not only helps increase brand awareness, but will build loyalty, trust and in turn increase your downloads and grow your audience.

At TwicePodcast.com we offer advice or full social media marketing management.

Targeted Ads

There are many popular podcast apps that will allow you to purchase ads. The most popular way is to purchase ads that will display your podcast at the top of your category list. Through our network, we will suggest the best apps and ads to purchase to best reach your target audience.

Facebook & Google ads are another great way to drive traffic to your podcast website.

With Facebook we will create ads that specifically target not only people who enjoy listening to podcasts, but also people who have interests that are related to your podcasts subject. Creating specific Facebook Ads based on your guest bookings can also have fantastic results.

Through Google ads we can reach your target audience who are looking for podcasts using keywords related to your subject.

Podcast Distribution

We will list your podcast on 30 directories including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser & Stitcher.

If you have a website or commission us to build and rank one for you, we will also submit your episodes here.

Strategy & Analytics

Setting up a system to prompt your listeners to share, subscribe as well as leave reviews once they have finished listening to an episode can help boost you up app stores and build up your credibility.

The day and time you publish your podcast can have an impact on your listener numbers.

We advise to follow the trend of other similar podcasts (it’s safe to assume they’ve already conducted “on the job” research) until we have enough data of our own.

Coming up with an entire strategy to promote your podcast takes time and experience. That’s why Twice Podcast was formed. To allow you to create world class content, whilst we get it in the ears of your audience.

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